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BMW Navigation Information

BMW Navigation Info

bmw navi
In case your BMW sat nav is several year old, it may be the time to upgrade the BMW sat nav software. Contained on the sat-nav DVD, BMW upgrades the applications every six-months by incorporating new POIs roads, restaurants, accommodations, points of interest, and other miscellaneous things.

bmw navi
Particularly if you happen to be on the highway a lot and depend on your own NAVIGATION program to guide you around traffic jams, you ought to be prepared to upgrade BMW navigation software at-least every year.
These updates help you and your everyday life, because in this-world moment is money.

The IDrive upgrade come with 5 postcode input speedcams and notifications, with two versions Professional (FULL SCREEN) and business version(SMALLER SCREEN)
The senior Mk3

and Mk4 (BOOT MOUNTED) also get a sat nav software update,The mK4 with 7 postcode input red lights signals, speedcams. This V32 software revise is an absolute must have for-you BMW Mk4. BMW NAVIGATION 2012 FROM YOUR BMW DEALER

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